Simplicity is complex.
Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking.

And we like making things simple ;-)

We work in close collaboration with our clients.

Helping them to achieve their strategic objectives through practical IT and High Tech solutions.


We are a small network of IT professionals with a strong background in Geographic Information Systems. Cross-disciplinary approach is our key to success, enabling us into solving hard problems even for the most demanding of clients. We have a long and successful history in many high tech fields. Thanks to our competences and skills we are able to analyze and manage complexity behind apparently simple and elegant solutions. Our clients are Private Companies, we also deal with Public Administrations and no-profit organizations mainly giving professional services on a pro-bono basis. We are based mainly in Italy, but we have members in Austria, Germany and Spain.


While we are fans of open-source software, supporting and using it in many of our projects, we are also intentionally agnostic regarding technologies. We care about policies and rules but we don't forget that our main reason in business is to solve client's problems. We will make, use, hack or otherwise employ whatever technologies necessary at any given time on any given opportunity to satisfy the requirements. This allows us to remain lean and nimble in responding to evolutions in web, mobile and enterprise architectures. We do not necessarily or explicitly endorse any products (not even our own) if they do not seem to be a proper fit for the user.


We are a company for profit and we are certainly not the lowest-cost solution around. But we don't chase earnings: we are here to solve client problems and as a result, income takes care of itself. In our analytics business, because of our solid foundation in geography, we naturally view a given problem and its potential solutions very differently than conventional analytical processes. We do not subscribe to the commoditized notion of removing the person from the process. We strive to automate and drive costs down on the most mundane of tasks that leverage computational power, but we also strongly believe in the contribution that people make to the art and science of our craft.

Our Approach


This is the fundamental stage in our process, it provides us with a backbone to the project and gives us real insight into your world. We will dig deep to discover the right solution for your technical and business requirements in order to to be able to find the best possible digital solution to help you achieve your company goals.

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The design stage takes a two-fold approach. First the visual aspect, from initial concepts to wireframes and final layouts. Secondly, is to design the underlying technical bases of the project. We will work alongside you to architect the flows of specific functionalities, map out dataset requirements and streamline the processes.

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We have an agile and holistic approach to development. We know that requirements will evolve and change throughout the lifecycle of your project and believe regular adaptation delivers technical excellence. When it comes to coding we love discovering new ways to streamline and ease your business efficiencies.

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Once the development phase is complete we inspect the whole product to verify that we have met all project objectives. This final phase ensures that we deliver solutions of the highest quality standards prior to giving our stamp of approval and guarantees that we assure client satisfaction and provide peace of mind.

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